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can we start again, go back to what it meant back then. [entries|friends|calendar]

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recap [14 Mar 2007|06:25am]
[ mood | content ]

so i finally met my hero!
andrew mcmahon.
i couldn't have been more happy then i was right then!
i could've died i was so excited.
btw jacks mannequin is amazing live :D

i also saw relient k, mae, and sherwood
relient k was good.. and sherwood.. not so much mae...

but anywho.
big events have been going on in my family life
that.. well
im excited about
but also am jealous about... 
but i have to sacrifice that thought so.

my mom sister and brothers girlfriend are on a cruise right now
for a week
while im stuck in the house w/ my dad and 2 brothers

fair? lol no.


the sound of her voice.

[19 Feb 2007|02:08pm]
[ mood | blah ]

note to self:


you get a blackeye,
sprain your right shoulder,
and grow a third knee.


the sound of her voice.

[01 Feb 2007|06:09pm]
[ mood | curious ]

my favorite part of getting asked a lot of questions is: to have a real start on preparing yourself for something else.

hhll, fbtmof, and thursday is tomorrow.
i'm pretty excited.

oh& r.i.p aunt may <33 january 28th, 2007.
love you &hearts; &hearts; &hearts;

the sound of her voice.

[24 Jan 2007|06:45am]
[ mood | worried ]

i had a dream i moved to massachusetts.

the sound of her voice.

[22 Jan 2007|06:58pm]
[ mood | content ]

today school was okay i guess. it was content. tomorrows midterms =\ great. i really hope i do good this year and not have to go to nightschool again. but tomorrow after midterms im going shopping with the girls so its all good &hearts; oh yeah, my parents come home in t minus 2 hours!

heres some pictures from saturday night @ the bowling alley/arcade


the sound of her voice.

Vegas. [21 Jan 2007|10:37am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

well, friday morning my parents left for vegas leaving the house all to myself for the weekend. friday night i went to ali's and we had a mini party consiting of 4 girls and 3 guys. guys gave us "lap dances". niiiiice. not really. they sucked haha. but for a joke i guess it was funny. so i slept over ali's andddddd i love her and denise. then yesterday we went bowling with the boys again and had fun? went to friendlys and starbs yada yada yada no one cares. so i finally got home last night. anddd. i was watching Drop Dead Fred 4:00 a.m trying to get my dogs to fall asleep. there like babies, can't sleep without there mommy. anywho...

i've given up on you.
i don't deserve this.
and you don't deserve me.
thats that.

todays sunday and i'm hanging out w/ carmel ali and i miss her a lot and i can not waaait !
i also can't wait to see the suvineers my mom got me hahaha..... hooters.

i realized over the weekend that i blink a lot. then i realized i have a.d.d and that my claustrophobia has gotten worse! great.

also! over the weekend... i've talk to some old lovers. i was in shock. but it was good. put a smile on my face. 

i'm content with life.
an 8 year taught me that you don't need a boyfriend to make you happy.
and she was absolutely right.

the sound of her voice.

the first white. [18 Jan 2007|07:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

wow, today it actually snowed for the first time all year. and i was outside with a couple of my bestfriends and it was just amazing!

tonight my parents went to a broadway show and tomorrow they leave for las vegas. house all to myself. woo party.
i hope i have a two hour delay tomorrow.
i hate school.
i hate people.
&ugly fat sloresss.

&how your still FUCKING UP.

take heart sweetheart
or i'll take it from you.

i smell like amazing grace.
it's nice.

hopefully this weekend will be good.
hopefully you'll realize what you're really doing,

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even more asjdf [17 Jan 2007|06:09am]
[ mood | confused ]

But you look confused and you dont know what to do
Its hard to get an answer when you havent got a clue
If you work it out tell me what you find

If the least you can do is show some restraint
Then the most you can do is get carried away

But you look confused and you dont know what to do
Say what you see, what you like
If you work it out tell me what you find
We can have a few decent days and nights


the sound of her voice.

asfgsfg [16 Jan 2007|03:57pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

tenth grade is gay. guys are gay. everything is gay gay gay. i don't understand guys. AT ALL. i spill my heart out to you and your just a fucking asshole and ignore it. what fucking cold hearted person does that. blahhh. i just want to know your outlook on things so i can either move in or move on because you know i do like you and your just being a total dick for no reason so asl;kdjgv;jkasgdv. asjklebbjkfsd. skajl. on another note... it's my brothers birthday. he's 17. wow. oldey. i don't want him to go to college soon. or ever :{ i'll be really alone then. oh yeah, speaking of alone.. valetine's day is in a month. and i havn't got a valentine, woo. i must've become hideous over the summer. OBVIOUSLY. :| whining won't get me no where, i know this. but. idk. whatever.

fuck you i hope you read this.

the sound of her voice.

newspaceeee [14 Aug 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | ily.ily.ily ]

new myspace.
bc tom likes it up the ass.
and deleted my super cool one.

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Summer bullshit.. Yada yada yada. [06 Aug 2005|09:10am]
[ mood | Loved<3. ]

So lately things are starting to look up for me. Life doesn't totally suck anymore. Well, it probably does in some ways, I just don't care as much now. I have great friends, great guys, and i'm having a great time. What more could I ask for? Well.. there is this one thing........

But speaking of having great friends.. I miss my Cait Walsh=( A lot... So hm what did I do this week? Last friday, went to mall with Lissa, chilled with her, Matt, and Jeff. It was cool. Saturday went shopping with sydney. Sunday, went down to the beach for the day with my mom! I love going to the beach because I have a beach house down there and friends. It was realll fun. Monday I went to the mall with Keri and Emilie. It was a lot of fun too since I havn't seen them much this summer. Then they left early and Matt was at the mall so I hung out with him the whole night. Tuesday I went over Danielle redddaaaaaas and we went to the mall with erin and micaela. That.was.so.much fun haha there so funny I love them. I had my first Crunk ever that night! Now i'm fuckin addicted! No joke. Ahaha. Then Wednesday, Me and Ange went down to the lake and swam and tanned. And got ice cream. Then went back to my house to swim in my pool lol. Then we just chilled in my house the rest of the night. It was cool. Thursday I went to the mall (yes I know, I go there A LOT) with Angie to shop. I got Danielles present and myself a shirt. I also bought 21 dollars worth of crunk. And drank it all that night. That's 10 cans. No good. Then at the mall, Matt and Mike surprised me!! I was so happy=). So we all went shopping haha I picked out Matt a noicee shirt and Mike too nicee clothes. It was sweet. I felt like I was ditching Angie a lot though. But then I guess she found Annie and chilled with her. So then it was just me, Matt, and Mike. It was soooo much fun. I love hanging out with them ALL THE TIME. Then Matt and Mike came back to my house and we watched OC Series 1 on DVD and just chilled. Fun fun=). Yeah. So Friday was the day I was most looking forward to this whole week. Friday = Empress. Sweet=). I went over to Danielles friday around 4 to get ready. She made me and her all cute=) Shee lookedd gorgeouss.=). I love Danielle=). So then we waited for her friend Jenn to get to her house and then we went to the show around 640. Got there at 710ish. When we got there we met up with like, Laura, Zeynep, Kayla, and Jess. It was soo much fun. We went to go get pizza then. After that we walked around town lol me and Danielle screaming in each store, DO YOU HAVE CRUNK?!?! GET CRUNK! It was funnnnnnnnayyy. Then we went into the show and it was hella cool. Then I drove them home round 1030. And before they went home, we bought crunk. Kay? Cool. Soooo went home and I was tired so I STARTED going to sleep. Then Matt came over around midnight to talk to me really quick when my brother caught us outside and was like JODEY, GET IN THE FUCKING HOUSE. And w/e I hate my brother. So then Matt went homeeeee and I went to sleep.

Today? What am I doing? Eitherr.. mall with Lissa or chillin' with Matt=) Either one is hella fun.

I think over the summer, I learn more about shit then I do during school. Summers almost gone=\. Might as well live it up. Well, i'm having a lot of fun so far so yeah. That's how my summer's been.

BTW shouts go out to Ant and Dvall and there new song. I fuckin' love it i'm like addicted to it. Lol. I think it's awesomeeee.

Comments? No? Yeah? Kay=)

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[30 Jul 2005|04:19am]
[ mood | fine ]


THURSDAY-umm bike trail. taht's it.




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--- [28 Jul 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | fuck it I don't wanna be here ]

So maybe everyone was right. Maybe I should've listened to them. Well whatever, I learned my lesson. Well, maybe I didn't.. i'm so dumb and helpless. I couldn't help myself but go back to him. And this is how it ended up, AGAIN. Why am I always the only one getting hurt in this situation? I need to take a stand for myself once and a while. I always let him walk all over me all the time. And i'm getting sick of it. I hate this feeling. You ditched your best friend for a girl you just met. Nice one. I'm so sick of people hurting me all the time. Mainly, it's always my fault that I get hurt. I get too attatched too fast I guess. But he lead me on, made me believe that he actually did love me again. I trusted him. It hurts real bad, but I guess I shouldn't express that too much because I do love the kid. I guess I had to learn the hard way, 3 times though? Give me a break. Whatever, I may be complaining too much. But I think I have the right to be like this. How would you like to feel so used? To have the fact that he chose her over me rubbed in my face everyday? Don't tell me you don't love me, because, you don't stop loving someone you've loved for 6 months, you just fall out of love with them. Whatever, I'm dealin' with it. This is where MY story ends. Thank you to all the people who have tried helping me, Caity Walsh- I love you so much you truley are one of my best friends I have. Thank you. And Nick&Vito for telling me this would happen. Sorry I doubted you guys. And the two Mikes, A&P, thanks for talking to me about it. And Lissa, well.. you didn't help much but thanks for trying.=).=\.


the sound of her voice.

cause i'm already somebody's baby.<3. [17 Jul 2005|09:07pm]
[ mood | good/happy ]

so yeah, last weekend like everyone left me lol. matt went to camp, lissa worked all friggen week!, and nick went on vaca. and other people just wern't home. so i had no one to talk to! fun i know. um yeah so that week was boring; cept for the famous walks with nicole. =).

but friday.......matt came home a day early from camp!!!!!!!!! so we went to the fair first i was with nicole i hope shes not mad at me but then me and matt had an AMAZING! time!! after nicole left the fair. talked on the fone with him that night. awe yeah kay so anyways lol. saturday i went to the mall with matt and lissa lol, it was fun too=)=)=) haha fruits and periwinkles lol hahaha kayy so yeah. talked on the fone with him all that nightt! now its sunday and um i didn noting but clean out my room because my new bed is coming tomorrow. yeah. cool.

kay yeah nothing else to say really. cepttttttttt

i love you so muchh babyyyyyyy=)<3.

the sound of her voice.

[13 Jul 2005|02:12pm]
[ mood | HAPPY ]


4 days!!<3.

the sound of her voice.

=D [08 Jul 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yesterday was thursday and I went to the fair. I went with Luisa and Steph it was fun. Then like, an hour before I left, I chilled with Matt and it was fun=) THen I was on the phone with him til 330 in the morning! Goshhh lol =). <3.

Today's friday and I went to the mall with Melissa. We met up with Matt, Jeff, Brianna, Lauren, Rob, John, and Kevin there. Melissa doesn't like them so she goes off and chills with Mike.

It was a fun night because of........ Matt is the coolest kid i know=D<33 Hehe, then I had to drive Jeff home. Well, we had to stay in the mall for like an hour before we got picked up. He complains too much lol. Oh well, so I dropped him off. Then went home, Matt called me=);we talked for about 5-10 mins then he said he's gonna call me back before he goes to bed so we can talk. =). <3.

So yeah, I guess i'm just watching t/v right now and waiting. Sounds fun right? I know..

Well I guess i'll write in this thingg a little later.


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[30 Jun 2005|07:04pm]
[ mood | alone ]

me and matt broke up again..okaaayyyyyyyy..

thursday went to yonkers = fun/akward/weird/confusing/exciting

friday lissa came over and then we went to a party = fun times with james .. chilled wit caity and ryan basically the whole partyyy

saturday = party = got drunk = melissa and nick got mad at me

sunday = realized something abouit my best friend

monday = shopping

tuesday = idr

wednesday = shopping

thursday = went to em's house and we had a blast

.. you know i really hate this being alone bullshit
i just hate the fact that no one calls me at night..

&i like you and it seems as if your ignoring me now that you know the truth.

=*( i need you so bad...

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=D [28 May 2005|07:33pm]
[ mood | happy as can be ]

well alot has happened over time. me and matt took a break for a few days but we're back together again and i couldn't be more happier=)<33 i love him so much*

yesterday i went over matts house and we went down to the lake it was great. then we danced in the rain=) hehe

today i went out for a THREE HOUR WALK with quaggins and we went to kims to hydrate ourselves and to chill.
it was fun.

great talks nicole, great talks. oh and kim? that girl was a bitch=) and your brother followed me home.

ok well i made sweedish meatballs and pasta so i'm goona eat it now!

♥ i love you so damn much matt ♥

the sound of her voice.

=) [15 May 2005|07:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

im happy again=)

no more sadness

i love matt sooooooooo muchh

so friday went out with the liss to the mall lol then we went out to the diner with liney & her mom

saturday saw nicole and took pics of her and elliot before their junior prom!! awe

today um did nothing? lol umm watched the forgotten.. confusing/ok movie

oo moms home g2g peace


the sound of her voice.

[13 May 2005|06:27pm]
[ mood | depressed&ok @ the same time?? ]




thank u everyone who helped me through it

(nicole kim melissa dom mike a bobby nick mike p)


idk eventho everythings ok i still feel like cryin..


new pics up on the myspace and .. http://community.webshots.com/user/jodeeyyx15

check 'em out, yo.

well im goin out with miss in like 15 mins.. so.. yeah..


i love matt

the sound of her voice.

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